For Some Laughs Only


There is a simple formula to enjoy this movie: leave your brain and expectations at home.


tu-toh-gyo-guharati-2016-full-movie-download-mp4-3gp-hdripImagine a lazy Sunday afternoon. You have either friends or some relatives at home. You have had a nice lunch. Over a dessert, one genius among you comes with a brilliant idea, “let’s go for a movie!” The aim is just to have some laughs at completely nonsense comedy. Bingo! It’s a perfect situation for buying tickets for this week’s new Gujarati release ‘Tuu To Gayo.’

What happens in Bangkok, comes to India

In the city of Ahmedabad (which hardly looks like the same), there’s an unlucky man. He is so unlucky that abbreviation of his name is HIV. Not that deadly disease, but Harsh Ishvarlal Vora (Tushar Sadhu). He is heading towards making a Guinness Record for most breakups in the world. But on a recent trip to Italy, he falls in love with an Amdavadi girl (Twinkle Vasisht). HIV, I mean Harsh doesn’t waste time to get engage with the girl with permission of her uncle (Shekhar Shukla). But ghosts of her past girlfriends keeps coming back and which annoys her fiancée. To save their friend from misery called marriage three of Harsh’s friends (Dharmesh Vyas, Rounaq Kamdar, Nilay Patel) plans a secret trip to Bangkok. After some hot dances with hot girls of Bangkok, they stumble upon a dead body of a woman which they believe one of them has killed. But who killed her? And most importantly, who is she? Will they be able to get away with the murder? Arre friends, don’t be serious. No one is here either.

Only faithful thing in the film

Not a single man in this film is faithful to his woman. But the director of the movie Dhvani Gautam and the writer Vipul Sharma is completely faithful to the Punjabi movie ‘Lucky Di Unlucky Story.’ Our Gujarati version is faithfully scene by scene lifted from the 2013 Punjabi movie. They have just translated the film and added some funny Gujarati dialect.

I don’t know it’s the effect of its Punjabi connection or not, but the whole film is very loud. So loud that all the characters keep shouting even if all are in the same room. But the makers want us to silent our phones in the beginning by threatening us with ‘switch off your mobile phone, varna…’

The movie is very lavishly produced. Beautiful locals of Italy, Bangkok are spread over the movie. All the characters wear designer clothes, roam in yachts and luxury cars, drink costly booze, men dance with foreigner girls, use luxury phones, reside in posh bungalows. All men have sex on their minds all the time. And women in the movie look beautiful (read, sexy) all the time, even when they die. Oh, they are dumb, too and they don’t have anything but to either make love to men or doubt on them. In short, this movie is full of ultimate male fantasies.

As we haven’t carried our brains and expectations at a cinema hall, many dialogues make us laugh shamelessly. Mostly because of superb comic timing and dialogue delivery by veteran actors Dharmesh Vyas and Shekhar Shukla. In one scene, drunk Dharmesh Vyas literally steals the show with his amazingly funny pronunciation. On the other hand, Shekhar Shukla with his paan-stained teeth steals the show with his Kathiawaadi cuss words and dialect. Other men are just ok. Women in the movie, as I said, look beautiful. Their job was done. No one is a bit serious in this film including the makers. There is a scene where the friends of the protagonists advise him to forget a murder with the seriousness of lost one rupee coin.

Though ‘Tuu To Gayo’ is a shameless (uncredited) remake of a Punjabi movie, it feels a comedy Gujarati commercial stage play only made with a big budget. There are wife bashing husbands, dumb-nagging  wives, nosy brother in law, a caricaturish don (Yashpal Sharma), confusion, a silly fight and things fall into place in the end. Like any commercial Gujarati play, first 60 minutes of this 2.10 hours long movie serves no purpose except establishing the characters. Most of the scenes just go on and on without any reason. You occasionally keep laughing depending upon your taste of humor.

It’s clear that this movie is made just to make money by offering some cheap laughs. Thankfully, there aren’t many vulgar double meaning dialogues. Yes, there’s a peeing scene which has almost become mandatory in ‘urban’ Gujarati films by now. Almost all the songs are just average and serve no other purpose than pee break.

Time Killer

Tuu To Gayo is just a time pass movie with some loud lazy humor. But can be watched if you don’t have anything else to do or if you are ready to spend some hundred bucks without any expectations. Now the ball is in your court.

Rating: ** (Two Stars)

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