Less LOL, but fun for all


Despite short in humor, this clean family entertainer scores from its fine performances.


1451911034-polamThis recent wave of Gujarati cinema has chosen a clear trajectory on a quick comedy film. One more addition to this trend is young writer-director Tejas Padiaa’s ‘Polam Pol.’

Lights, Camera, Marriage

Darshan Mehta aka ‘Duggi’ (Jimmit Trivedi) and Montu (Ojas Rawal) are chuddy-buddies. Montu is a theatre guy with high morals, where Duggi is Casanova and has cinematic dreams. Their lives become triangle when an old friend of both returns from abroad. She is Anjali (Jinal Belani). Very soon friendship between both friends turns sour when they learn both are in love with the same girl.

There are two more characters enter to this drama. They are Bhikhu (Prem Gadhvi) and Maangi (Jayesh More). Both brothers are raddiwalas, the garbage traders. And they both have one dream in common, they want to marry a heroine. Their lives too, take a turn, albeit sweet when they win a lottery worth billions. Now they can fulfil their long cherished dream of marrying a film actress. Both agree to produce a movie and a stage play by Duggi and Montu respectively.

But there’s one more jhol. Both Bhikhu and Maangi have one condition, they would produce the film only if the leading lady agrees to marry them. And no prize for guessing that their leading lady is none other than lady love of all the men in the movie, Anjali. So, now there are four grooms for just one bride. Who’ll take dulhaniya to his home?

Keep Calm and Laugh

The first thing you notice about ‘Polam Pol’ is its nice production value. Except for one or two tiny instances, the whole film is nicely wrapped good cinematic experience. There are fresh locations, lots of colours in each frame and a decent camera work. May be for the first time any Gujarati filmmaker has explored Champaner and Ahmedabad’s Jhulta Minara. And believe me, these locations have never looked more beautiful.

The biggest strength of this film lies in its powerful performances. All the leading stars look very confident and seem to enjoy themselves in front of a camera. Considering all the men come from the sound theatre background, confidence is in abundance in them. Jimmit Trivedi has just proven himself in last year’s major Gujarati hit film ‘Gujjubhai The Great’. We had seen him in the play named ‘Baa e maari boundary’ and Akshay Kumar starer Hindi film ‘Bhul Bhulaiya.’ Prem Gadhvi and Jayesh More have Saumya Joshi’s hit Gujarati play ‘102 Not Out’ in their kitty. Young Ojas Rawal is an established stand up comedian. Much to our pleasant surprise, the leading lady of this film Jinal Belani also has confidence in full supply. May be for the first time in recent history of Gujarati films, a heroine looks natural in acting and dialogue delivery. Together they take any dull or poorly written scene with ease and their little nuances to another level. They share a good onscreen chemistry as well. Film’s title track is catchy.

‘Polam Pol’ continues to give you feel of watching a Priyadarshan or Anees Bazmee film. It has a big shooting sequence clearly inspired from Anees Bazmee’s ‘Welcome’. You can’t help but draw parallels between both. Even film’s climax reminds you of 1996 hit Telugu film ‘Duniya Dilwalon Ki.’

‘Polam Pol’ is an out and out comedy film, but never sinks below the belt. This is the lesson for other new Gujarati filmmakers as well. There is no need to take refuge of double meaning and cheap jokes to make people laugh. With its clean humour ‘Polam Pol’ is presented as a complete family entertaining movie.

However, a few big minus points too are there in the film. Like the film is approx two and a half hours long. There was not any need to stretch the film this long. Too many scenes are longer than they needed. For instance, there is a long starting sequence featuring senior actor Sanat Vyas. That scene goes on and on with no sign of ending. Had the movie been edited by at least a half an hour, it could have become crispier and less tiresome. The film wastes almost one hour just for coming to the main plot.

Right from its posters and trailer, ‘Polam Pol’ promised of full on comedy. But it seems laughter is in limited supply. The screenplay could have been funnier. There aren’t enough punchlines as well. See the irony, stand up comedian is  doing a serious role in the film. Most of the humour come out from spontaneity and superb comic timing of the male actors. The film wastes too much time explaining pun-jokes. Please don’t spoon feed. We aren’t that dumb! Some may find ‘Polam Pol’ a bit loud too.

We are never expected to take this film seriously, but we can’t help but find some logical gaffes. For instances, Ahmedabad city bus doesn’t travel to other cities of Gujarat, even if you rent it (you have to rent State transport bus for it). It is never clear why the leading lady agrees to sign contracts for a film and a play which have a clause to marry the producer after the project.

Go for it

Despite laughter is in short supply, ‘Polam Pol’ is a decent family entertainer. It’s a good one time watch for its fine performances and clean humour. There are some moral lessons too, to bring back home if you want to.

Rating: *** (Three Stars)

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